Montana born and raised, we have seen just how far downtown has progressed over the years. We are true believers in the spirit of Billings and are excited to be a part of our downtown community.

We are proud to bring life back to this striking brick warehouse built over 100 years ago. The Unisource building, previously known as the Carpenter Paper Company, has been a part of historic Montana Avenue since 1914, always serving as a paper warehouse of some sort. During our renovations we kept the integrity of the building as original as possible, re-using as much of the hardware, doors, and fixtures as we possibly could. There’s no reason to mess up a good thing.

The majority of the main floor features mercantile goods for the country store with a focus on Montana made or grown products; general goods, home decor, and an antique warehouse stuffed full of treasured pieces for you to cherish for years just like the people before you. The inventory in the store changes daily!

We believe that in order for downtown to be viable, as a retailer, we must do our part to be available, committed, and “all in” for our customers. If we ever fail to do that, please let us know. You are the reason we are here. There is no other reason.